Grand Theft Auto

The GTA Series is one of the most played and loved series in gaming history. I’ll be reviewing every main console release since Vice City as this was the first one I played. It’s a series that has evolved from a very basic top down game, into a vast, complex, open world adventure. 16 years on from GTA III, the series continues to attract people for the same reason. A large open world, pushing the limits of the current console. A world in which you are free to choose what you do, follow the story or simply explore.

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Portal 2

I thought long and hard about which game I should review first. Essentially I was faced with the question, what is your favourite game? Portal 2 was the first that sprang to mind and here’s why.

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Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Readers, I have decided to create a blog to give my opinions on different types of media, primarily focusing on video games, but may also extend to Film & TV. I know there are many review websites out there, so why not post my reviews there you ask? Well those websites are usually filled […]

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