Portal 2

I thought long and hard about which game I should review first. Essentially I was faced with the question, what is your favourite game? Portal 2 was the first that sprang to mind and here’s why.


First and foremost Portal 2 is a puzzle game, however unlike your everyday puzzle game, Portal 2 has a story line. It combines the puzzle and platformer genres to create a work of pure genius. Not only does the game test your puzzle solving skills, it plays on your emotions with witty humour and dramatic conclusions.

The Puzzles

The puzzles in Portal 2 mainly consist of using your portal gun to place portals around a test chamber to navigate your way to the finish. You fire two portals from the gun, you can then walk through one and emerge from the other.


Having this in real life would be one of the best inventions of all time. Simply place one portal on your bedroom wall and the other on the wall opposite your refrigerator and your snacks are just an arms reach away. Anyway back to the game. Your character is not the only thing that can traverse these portals, any object can, making for some even trickier puzzles including lasers and cubes.


If the game only consisted of these puzzles it would still be great, however the addition of a story line is the icing on the (non existent) cake. Which leads onto the next point.

The Story Line

I will do my best to describe the story line of Portal 2 whilst adhering to my *No Spoiler* policy. I will start by saying I have never played the original Portal game and you don’t have to to play Portal 2. Portal 2 has a very definite beginning, middle and end. A standalone game. The game starts with you waking up from cryogenic sleep after many many years, where you meet a robot named Wheatley (voiced by Stephan Merchant).


Wheatley plays the role of your dumb, funny friend throughout the game. Not long after this, you enter Aperture Science testing facilities where you start solving puzzles under the supervision of GLaDOS, your tough loving puppet master.

Although she appears to be the main antagonist of the game you can’t help but love her for classic remarks. Just when you’re feeling happy for completing a tough puzzle, she’ll put you back in your place by insulting how long it took you or how easy the puzzle actually was. This is all I will say about the story, you go on a wild adventure after this into the inner most depths of the Aperture Science laboratory.

My Thoughts

I absolutely love this game. It has great replayability as after a few months you have forgotten the majority of the puzzle solutions. I think the story line is brilliant and you instantly fall in love with the characters. Just before the puzzling starts to become repetitive you will break away from this and progress with the story which can take you outside of the testing chambers and into other parts of the lab. The game looks beautiful too and still holds up after all these years.

chellYou know a game is good when you can remember the very first time you played it. I can still remember the first time I stepped through a portal and just being amazed and confused. I had never seen any gameplay before and I was just shocked at how this kind of technology was in a modern day game. Not only could you step inside the the portal and instantly appear at the other side with no loading screens, you could also see what was at the other side of the portal before you stepped into it. It was completely mind blowing and still is.

Portal 2 is just one of those games that you can put on and your family will enjoy watching, whether it be older family members keen to help with the puzzles, or kids enjoying the funny character remarks and gameplay. I find the catchphrase “fun for all the family” cheesy and overused however it absolutely applies for this game. If you have never played it you are missing out on a revolutionary, breathtaking piece of art. There is just nothing like it. I can’t recommend it any more.
Thank you for reading, I would really appreciate some feedback as this is my first Blog post ever.


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